Design Ideas for Outdoor Decking in the Philippines

    What are the design ideas for outdoor decking in the Philippines?

    1. Poolside decking
    2. Rooftop garden
    3. Multi-level raised deck
    4. Multifunctional entertainment
    5. Modern patios


    • The Philippines offers lush landscapes and a summery climate, making outdoor living popular.
    • Tailored outdoor decking ideas for the Philippines, with themes like poolside, rooftop garden, multi-level raised, and multifunctional entertainment.
    • Upgrade outdoor spaces with GRM Biowood decking for low maintenance and enjoyable experiences.

    With its lush landscapes, summery breeze, and vibrant culture, the Philippines beckons for outdoor living. But unlocking the true potential of your outdoor space and transforming it into a personal oasis requires thoughtful deck design.

    This article delves into some useful ideas specifically tailored for outdoor decking in the Philippines. We’ll provide you with the inspiration to craft your dream deck, whether you envision a tropical escape, a modern haven, or a multifunctional entertainment zone.

    Poolside Decking

    Poolside Decking

    In our country, where sunshine abounds year-round, poolside relaxation comes naturally. When designing your outdoor oasis, consider the property’s overall architectural style and surrounding environment. Opt for materials and colors that seamlessly blend with the theme for a cohesive look. Evaluate the space’s intended use—is it for relaxation, entertainment, or perhaps incorporating features like outdoor kitchens or bars?

    For an eco-conscious approach, Biowood offers a sustainable solution. This composite material, made of 70% wood, combines the aesthetic appeal of wood with superior durability, weather resistance, and low maintenance. It aligns perfectly with the Philippines’ commitment to environmental responsibility.
    Enhance ambiance and safety by strategically placing lights, such as string lights, spotlights, or lanterns, especially during evenings, for a warm and inviting atmosphere.

    Rooftop Garden

    The Philippines’ urban landscape presents unique opportunities for green living. Rooftop gardens offer a chance to create personal paradises, enhancing aesthetics and contributing to environmental well-being.

    For a modern and functional elevate the experience with Biowood decking in sleek weather wood or teak color. Add some geometric planters and contemporary furniture to create a minimalist vibe.

    You can also incorporate herbs and vegetables for a touch of green and edible benefits for your rooftop garden. The sun-resistance of Biowood will ensure proper drainage and waterproofing to prevent leaks and damage. If you have clients, you can also encourage them to express their style through colorful accents, unique furniture choices, and thematic touches.

    Multi-level Raised Deck

    Multi-level raised decks offer a unique opportunity to maximize space and create a dynamic outdoor sanctuary.
    For a tropical design, imagine cascading levels of Biowood decks interwoven with lush greenery. Integrated with a koi pond nestled below and accessed by a stone pathway. You can also create a dining area on the upper level, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

    If you are opting for a Balinese Retreat style design a multi-level structure of treated bamboo decks. Incorporate water features like a cascading shower and a small infinity pool on the lower level. You can also utilize natural stone accents and woven elements for a serene ambiance. This offers dedicated areas for meditation and relaxation.

    Multifunctional Entertainment

    Design a dedicated movie zone with a projector screen, comfortable seating, and built-in speakers. Opt for Biowood decking in dark tones for an optimal viewing experience. You can incorporate retractable awnings or shade sails for daytime movie marathons.

    If you’re considering outdoor game zones, dedicate a space to family fun with areas for board games, giant Jenga, and even a mini putting green. Utilize treated wood decks for safe play and incorporate built-in benches and storage for game equipment. Additionally, consider creating a shaded sandbox area for younger children.

    Beyond the design incorporate outdoor speakers, projectors, or even smart home features for enhanced entertainment control.

    Modern Patios

    Modern Patios

    Embrace minimalism with clean lines and openness. Utilize composite decking in neutral tones like grey or white. You can use minimal furniture with clean lines and geometric shapes to enhance the look. Try integrating built-in seating and planters for a seamless and organized look. This approach works well for smaller patios, creating a spacious and airy feel.

    Or you may want functional patios. Offer a design with a seamless indoor-outdoor flow with a built-in kitchen featuring a grill, pizza oven, or bar area. Utilize treated wood decking for warmth and integrate comfortable seating and dining areas. This design caters to clients who love hosting al fresco gatherings.

    Key Takeaway

    Remember, these are just starting points. Showcasing a variety of modern styles and your ability to adapt to specific needs will attract a wider audience. By partnering with reliable material suppliers and offering innovative design solutions, you can transform any outdoor decking in the Philippines into a stunning modern space for your clients.

    Upgrade your outdoor space with the beauty and benefits of GRM Biowood decking. Spend less time maintaining and more time enjoying your deck. Visit our website to explore our deck options and check our previous projects for design inspiration. Invest in quality, style, and sustainability with GRM Biowood. Contact us today! And get guidance and advice from our knowledgeable team.

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