Going Green, What this means for you...

    GRM Biowood Goes Green

    Going Green,What this means for you...

    Green isn’t just a colour… it is the future. We pride ourselves in striving to deliver innovative products of the highest quality and standards.

    From the manufacturing process to the final product – not only do we focus on physical, functional, and innovative aspects, we also take into account the environmental impact and aim to raise awareness of the amount of resources and energy involved in manufacturing such products.

    Making a Difference to Help Sustain Our Environment

    Going Green

    Making a Difference to Help Sustain Our Environment

    We take the time to explain why environmental awareness is important and what this means for you.

    “Green isn’t just a colour… it is the future.”

    GRM Biowood Interiors Corporations - Philippines, is actively seeking new ways to help sustain our environment today in order for a better future tomorrow. By using sustainable reconstituted composite wood to manufacture our products, we are contributing towards maintaining a cleaner environment and helping to minimise deforestation.

    Our products utilise 70% reconstituted wood, 50% of the dry weight in the wood used being carbon.

    Making a Difference to Help Sustain Our Environment

    Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Biowood Products

    As a result, its stored carbon and low embodied energy help reduce our carbon footprint which contribute to the Greenhouse effect making our products environmentally friendly.

    Biowood Architectural Reconstituted Composite Wood – it is wood engineered to near perfection. Not only do they look and feel like a true high quality product should, they are also 100% recyclable and have a low environmental impact.

    So when you choose to use Biowood products, you are making a difference by helping to sustain our environment with a sustainable, high quality timber alternative.

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