Applications for WPC Wall Cladding

    Where can you install WPC wall cladding?

    Outdoor applications:
    a. Facade
    b. Gate
    c. Fence
    d. Pool Decorative Water Feature

    Indoor applications:
    a. Bathroom
    b. Kitchen
    c. Cabinets
    d. Doors


    • WPC (wood-plastic composite) wall cladding offers a blend of luxury, aesthetics, and functionality, making it ideal for transforming both interiors and exteriors.
    • Outdoor applications of WPC wall cladding include facades, gates, fences, and pool decorative water features, providing durability, weather resistance, and low maintenance.
    • For indoor applications, such as bathrooms, kitchens, cabinets, and doors, WPC offers moisture resistance, mold resistance, fire retardant qualities, and low maintenance, enhancing durability and aesthetics.

    Crafted precisely, wood-plastic composite (WPC) wall cladding goes beyond a simple textured surface. It embodies a touch of luxury and a seamless blend of aesthetics and functionality.

    This article navigates the versatile applications of WPC wall cladding, showcasing its ability to transform interiors and exteriors. By the end, you’ll get refreshing ideas for your spaces.

    What is WPC Wall Cladding?

    What is WPC Wall Cladding?WPC wall cladding is a composite material derived from finely ground wood, PVC or uPVC plastic, purposeful additives bonded together using a specialized adhesive. This hybrid integrates the enduring attributes of wood with the practical advantages of plastic, offering a durable, eco-friendly alternative that excels in water and moisture resistance when compared to traditional plywood.

    Its straightforward design establishes it as a sustainable solution for various applications, presenting a professional and modern aesthetic while maintaining a focus on practical functionality.

    Outdoor applications

    WPC wall cladding is optimal for outdoor use due to its durability, resistance to weather damage, and low maintenance. It enhances aesthetics while offering protection. Consider using it for:


    WPC wall cladding enhances facade aesthetics with diverse textures and colors, offering durability and weather resistance. Its low maintenance and ability to mimic natural materials make it a cost-effective choice. Invest today for an attractive exterior that withstands outdoor elements, adding value and longevity to your property.


    Ideal for gates, WPC’s durability and resistance to rot and insects ensure longevity with minimal upkeep. Its stylish appearance enhances entrances, while low maintenance saves time and money. For a functional and visually appealing gate that withstands outdoor elements, secure your property elegantly by considering WPC wall cladding.


    For fences, WPC offers privacy, security, and aesthetic appeal. Its durability and weather resistance make it cost-effective long-term. For instance, using WPC cladding for a backyard fence ensures a stylish, durable perimeter solution, enhancing property value effortlessly.

    Pool Decorative Water Feature

    WPC wall cladding enhances pool decorative water features with its water-resistant properties and versatility. Its ability to mimic natural materials adds aesthetic value, while durability ensures long-lasting beauty with minimal maintenance. Choose WPC for a stylish and durable pool enhancement that elevates your outdoor space’s ambiance and visual appeal.

    Indoor applications

    Indoor applicationsWPC’s moisture, mold resistance, and fire retardant qualities make it ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and commercial spaces. Its low maintenance and diverse styles elevate indoor environments, seamlessly enhancing value and longevity in interiors.


    WPC wall claddings boast exceptional water and mildew resistance, specifically engineered to meet the stringent requirements of bathroom environments. Its composite imparts perfect waterproofing properties, ensuring longevity and durability in wet conditions.

    You can choose from its diverse range of colors or opt for customized hues to suit your preferences. The availability of various colours makes it the ideal choice for your bathroom design requirements. With WPC wall claddings, you have the flexibility to enhance the beauty of this essential space.


    Renowned for its high fire-retardant capacity, WPC material is effectively flame-retardant, boasting a B1 fire-proof rating. In the event of a fire, it self-extinguishes and does not produce toxic gases, ensuring safety in the kitchen environment.

    Not only does WPC wall cladding prioritize safety, but it also combines durability with a polished exterior. Tough on the inside and beautifully finished on the outside, it provides an aesthetically pleasing backdrop for your kitchen. Additionally, being an odorless material makes WPC an ideal choice for kitchen installations.


    WPC wall cladding is ideal for cabinets due to its moisture resistance, preventing warping and damage. Its durability and low maintenance ensure long-lasting performance, while its mold-resistant properties maintain a hygienic environment. For instance, using this material for storage cabinets in a garage or workshop protects belongings from moisture and maintains a clean, organized space.


    WPC wall cladding in doors for homes, offices, and establishments is wise due to its durability, moisture resistance, and versatility. For example, using WPC cladding on office doors ensures they withstand daily use while maintaining a professional appearance effortlessly. Its low maintenance and aesthetic flexibility further enhance functionality and aesthetics.

    Key Takeaway

    WPC wall cladding has diverse applications and offers numerous benefits. It is an excellent choice for both interior and exterior wall coverings, providing durability, low maintenance, and resistance to various weather conditions. WPC wall cladding can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space while serving as a protective and sustainable solution for walls.

    For reliable WPC wall cladding solutions, trust GRM Biowood as your committed distributor in the Philippines. We assure you that our products not only exhibit impressive aesthetics but also contribute to a more environmentally conscious future. Contact us today to learn more about our products.

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