The Pros and Cons of WPC Decking in the Philippines


    • WPC decking is a superior alternative to traditional wood decking in the Philippines due to its resistance to weather challenges.
    • Advantages of WPC Decking include durability, environmental friendliness due to its composite materials, and aesthetic appeal that mimics natural wood.
    • Cons of WPC Decking include its higher initial cost compared to traditional wood decking and limitations in color customization after installation due to integrated manufacturing processes.

    Wooden decks are key to any outdoor space. They are versatile – you can host parties, entertain friends, or just relax on them. However, constant use and our climate here in the Philippines can wear down even the hardiest of wooden decks. While traditional wood deckings have their charms, the wood-plastic composite or WPC decking is fast becoming its better, more versatile alternative.

    WPC deckings have distinct advantages over their wood counterparts. They are fire-retardant and more resistant to decay – a perfect answer to the challenges of our weather in the country.

    Here are some of the pros and cons of WPC decking here in the Philippines.

    Pros of Wood Plastic Composite Decking

    Pros of Wood Plastic Composite Decking

    Maintaining traditional wooden deckings means regular wood staining, painting, and most time-consuming of all, replacing. Splinters and splits are a constant annoyance we can all do without.

    Why go through all that when you can invest in something more long-lasting?

    It’s Durable

    Durability is an important aspect of any decking material – it is, after all, a reflection of the quality of your materials. Building an outdoor space here in the Philippines means that you have to be conscious of which material can last the longest in sweltering heat and sudden downpours.

    Here is where WPC decking shines.

    WPC decks are resilient and easier to maintain. The material is resistant to both moisture and UV rays – there is no need to constantly worry about decay and rot in your outdoor deck – a must for this upcoming rainy season.

    It’s Environmentally Friendly

    The WPC decking is where high quality meets sustainability. Using reconstituted composite wood (70% wood, with 23% uPVC, and 7% additives) as the main material means that there is no need to constantly replace old damaged planks with new ones – saving energy and lessening carbon footprints.

    From sourcing to production and then installation, GRM Biowood maintains its commitment to the environment while making sure to deliver high-quality, resilient materials.

    It’s Visually and Aesthetically Pleasing

    Using wood as your decking adds warmth and texture to your space. It can also serve as the transition between your house’s interior and the outdoors.

    To some people, a deck floor hardly counts as part of a space’s aesthetic. Outrageous art or monotone colors are not the only ways you can spice a space up. Textures and spaces are also important in visually elevating your outdoor space from just an ordinary deck into whatever you want it to be.

    Want to see how else WPC can be styled?

    Cons of Wood Plastic Composite Decking

    While the WPC deckings have notable and exciting advantages, a meticulous buyer also looks for any disadvantages in a product.

    The first consideration is cost. Although prices vary, WPC decking generally requires a larger initial investment compared to traditional wood decking. This higher upfront cost, however, often translates to long-term value due to the material’s durability and minimal maintenance needs.

    Another factor is color customization. Traditional wood decking can be painted in various colors, allowing for greater flexibility in matching personal preferences or changing design trends. WPC decking, on the other hand, has more limited color options once installed. This is because the color of WPC decking is integrated into the material during the manufacturing process, making post-installation color changes challenging and often impractical.

    Wood Plastic Composite Decking from GRM Biowood

    Wood Plastic Composite Decking from GRM Biowood

    Decks have been a staple in Filipino homes and communal spaces. We even have multiple ways of incorporating it into our architecture – we can find wooden decks on the sides of our houses, beside pools and beachside cottages, and even on the rooftops of buildings.

    We have been using natural timber as the main material for our decks for generations now. However, times and climes are constantly changing. Unsurprisingly, we can see the emergence of WPC decking in the Philippines – unmatched quality is hard to ignore.

    Here at GRM Biowood, you can be secure in finding high-caliber products with top-notch materials that are durable and resistant to the ever-changing challenges of Philippine weather. Our range includes big board decking, decking accessories, and decking tongue and groove, ensuring comprehensive solutions for all your decking needs.

    Key Takeaway

    At the end of the day, you’ll decide what kind of decking suits you and your needs. Making informed decisions on what kind of decking materials to purchase for your area means weighing both the pros and the cons of a product and ultimately choosing which one suits you best.

    Ready to spur up your outdoor area? You can contact us to learn more about Wood-plastic Composite Decking and GRM Biowood’s other materials.

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