Why Water-Resistant Wood is a Must in the Philippines?

    Why water-resistant wood is a must in the Philippines?

    1. Enduring heavy rainfall
    2. Humid environment
    3. Pests prevention
    4. Long-term value
    5. Reduced maintenance needs


    • The Philippines experiences an average of 20 typhoons annually due to its location within the typhoon belt of the Pacific Ocean. Thus, high humidity levels and coastal exposure necessitate durable building materials.
    • Water-resistant wood includes various types treated or engineered to resist moisture, warping, and rot.
    • WPC materials offer significant advantages in heavy rainfall and humidity by repelling moisture, preventing warping and mold, resisting pests, maintaining property value with a longer lifespan, and requiring minimal maintenance.

    The Philippines is renowned for its breathtaking beaches and vibrant culture. However, its geographical location also presents distinct considerations for building materials. According to the Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC), the Philippines resides within the typhoon belt of the Pacific Ocean, experiencing an average of 20 typhoons annually.

    Combined with high humidity levels and exposure to coastal elements, these factors necessitate careful selection of wood for construction and renovation projects to ensure long-lasting durability.

    In this article, we will explore the reasons why water-resistant wood is a must in the Philippines for people seeking long-lasting beauty and durability in their construction projects.

    What is Water-resistant Wood?

     What is water-resistant wood?

    Water-resistant wood is a broad term encompassing various types of wood treated or engineered to enhance their resistance to moisture, warping, and rot. This can be achieved through processes like pressure treating with preservatives or using naturally resistant wood species. In the Philippines, Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) is a popular option.

    WPC from GRM Biowood is a sustainable alternative to conventional wood, crafted from a blend of wood fibers or flour combined with thermoplastics like polyethylene or polypropylene. This unique combination offers the natural beauty and strength of wood fibers alongside the exceptional durability and resistance to moisture, rot, and insects that thermoplastics provide.

    Enduring Heavy Rainfall

    Ceilings, especially those made with regular wood, are particularly vulnerable to water damage from leaks or roof imperfections due to heavy rainfall. WPC ceiling panels offer a stunning and functional alternative to traditional wood, making them a versatile and stylish choice for both indoor and outdoor applications.

    Easy to install in various residential and commercial settings, WPC panels go beyond aesthetics. Unlike regular wood, they’re engineered to repel moisture, significantly reducing the risk of warping, cracking, and mold growth which is a crucial advantage in the face of heavy rainfall.

    Humid Environment

    High humidity within your wall, often exceeding 60%, creates a breeding ground for mold. Mold spores are ever-present in our environment, but they particularly thrive in damp and warm conditions. Mold exposure can trigger various health problems, especially for those with allergies or respiratory issues.

    Here’s where WPC wall cladding comes in. Its impermeable surface acts as a shield, preventing moisture from penetrating and creating the ideal habitat for these unwanted microorganisms. This innovative material translates to a healthier and more comfortable living environment.

    Pests Prevention

    Regular wood for your outdoor deck provides a perfect breeding ground for many pests, especially termites and carpenter ants. These insects are attracted to the cellulose content in wood and can tunnel through it, weakening the structure and causing costly repairs.

    The unique composition of composite decking is less appealing to termites and other wood-boring insects. The plastic component disrupts their ability to digest the material, making it a less desirable target. This translates to a deck that’s not only beautiful but also resistant to the damage caused by these common annoyances.

    Long-term Value

    Long-term Value

    Our country’s beautiful climate can be tough on traditional wood, leading to faster deterioration and frequent repairs. This can significantly impact the long-term value of your property.

    Water-resistant wood on the other hand resists the common problems that plague traditional wood. This means a longer lifespan for your investment. WPC is known for its exceptional resistance to these threats.

    Whether used for decks, ceilings, or wall cladding, WPC ensures these elements remain beautiful and functional for years to come. This translates to not only a beautiful home but also a wise investment that retains its value.

    Reduced Maintenance Needs

    Water-resistant wood is engineered to be exceptionally durable. Simple cleaning with soap and water is sufficient, freeing you from the constant need for repainting, resealing, or replacing damaged sections.

    The benefits go beyond convenience. Low maintenance requirements of water-resistant wood translate to significant cost savings in the long run. You’ll avoid the frequent expenses associated with buying paint, stain, or replacement materials for damaged traditional wood. This translates to a smarter investment for your home or business.

    Key Takeaway

    All the things listed above are the reasons why water-resistant wood is a must in the Philippines.

    Make a sustainable choice for your home. GRM Biowood, the exclusive distributor of high-quality wood-plastic composites in the Philippines, is here to help. Reach out to us today and discover how our innovative and sustainable products can elevate your home while protecting the environment.

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