Where to Buy Composite Decking in the Philippines


    • Adding a deck enhances personal and commercial outdoor spaces, providing areas for seating, sunbathing, or gardening.
    • Decking can be installed not just by the poolside where it usually is seen.
    • Composite wood is the perfect material for decks as it requires less maintenance and is more durable against moisture and fire, making it a better cost-effective, and long-lasting choice.

    Adding a deck can be just the thing to complete your outdoor space. It can be turned into a seating area for guests, a poolside space for sunbathing or drying off, and an attached terrace for all your beloved plants.

    While our outdoor spaces are usually made of traditional wood, the tropical climate of the Philippines will gradually wear them down over time. With its more weather-resistant feature and durability, composite wood decking in the Philippines has become the better alternative material for outdoor decks.

    Where Can You Buy Composite Decking in the Philippines?

    Using composite wood for decking here in the Philippines has begun to catch on. You can see it on commercial buildings, on newly constructed homes, and the landscapes of public spaces. It is termite-resistant, more environmentally friendly, does not encourage mold and mildew to grow on it, and is long-lasting compared to its timber counterpart.

    Here at GRM Biowood, not only are our materials quality-assured to last, but we are committed to ensuring that our deckings, ceiling panels, and wall claddings are sustainable as well.

    Spaces to Install Decking

    Spaces to Install Decking

    When we think of decking, we usually think of poolside decks. The beauty of decking, however, is not just limited to the pool. You can also use it on balconies and terraces, commercial spaces and even to put your landscaping together.


    Patios and gardens go hand in hand. While the usual landscaping design is the deck surrounded by plants setup, you can also spruce your space up by using your decking as a walkway from one point of your garden to another. Not only will this elevate your garden space, but it will also keep any stomping feet away from your plants.

    Mini Garden

    If you are short on backyard space, you can use your decking as a mini garden. transform your deck into a vibrant, green haven by showcasing potted plants and hanging vines along the railing. By placing furniture or decorations along the edges of your deck, highlighting architectural details, or designing relaxing nooks, you can further increase the visual appeal of your space.

    Rooftop Gardens

    You can also opt for a tranquil green space in the middle of an otherwise urban environment, by taking your decking outside and incorporating it into a rooftop garden.

    Composite wood decking, such as that offered by our team, can be used for wraparound terraces, balconies, and porches. With a variety of sizes to meet your needs and requirements, GRM Biowood provides limitless design possibilities for enhancing your outdoor spaces.

    Composite Wood vs Traditional Wood: Which is Better for Decking?

    Composite Wood vs Traditional Wood: Which is Better for Decking?

    Using composite wood for decking has several advantages over natural wood. Here are some:

    Low maintenance

    Natural wood is prone to splitting, especially if left unmaintained. Composite wood shines in that regard as you won’t need to repaint, re-treat, and replace your boards every other year.

    For example, a composite deck installed in a coastal home faced minimal wear and tear despite the harsh, salty environment, whereas a neighboring natural wood deck required extensive maintenance and replacement of damaged boards annually. This demonstrates the long-term durability and cost-effectiveness of composite wood, making it a preferred choice for homeowners seeking low-maintenance decking solutions.


    Any material used for outdoor spaces needs to be able to ensure the dreaded Philippine weather. Traditional wood can warp, crack, or rot when exposed to consistent moisture, high humidity, and fluctuating temperatures.

    In contrast, composite decking is designed to withstand these conditions. Composite deckings are fire-retardant and can withstand moisture – a perfect fit for the rainy months ahead.

    Cost Effectiveness

    While traditional wood may initially be lighter on the budget, it will cost you more in the long run. Refinishing a deck will cost more money if you want to hire a crew, or more time if you want to do it yourself. With the more long-lasting composite wood, you can get the most out of your money.

    By choosing composite wood from GRM Biowood, homeowners can enjoy a beautiful, long-lasting deck that requires minimal maintenance, providing both peace of mind and a cost-effective solution for enhancing outdoor living spaces.

    Key Takeaway

    Switching to composite wood may be the best decision given the demands of the weather and time. No matter the occasion or the purpose, decks are at the heart of any outdoor space. Taking care of your decking should not start at just maintaining it, but at choosing the right materials for the decking itself.

    Find your ideal composite decking at GRM Biowood, the top supplier of composite wood here in the Philippines. Learn more by visiting our website or contact us for a quotation on your dream decking today.

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