Why Composite Decking is the Perfect Choice for Your Patio

    Why should you choose composite wood decking for your patio?

    1. Less maintenance
    2. Moisture resistance
    3. UV resistance
    4. Visually pleasing
    5. Increased property value


    • Patios are versatile spaces that can offer a variety of functions in both the home and commercial spaces.
    • Composite decking not only adds to the durability of your patio but also to its value as a property, making it a smart investment for those looking to improve the marketability of their outdoor space.

    From gathering space to entertainment zone, the patio transforms any outdoor area into a vibrant hub, be it for a bustling restaurant or a cherished family haven. It fosters connection, relaxation, and fun for all ages.

    Investing in a well-designed patio not only elevates your property’s aesthetic appeal but also adds significant financial value. Material selection is key, and while classic options like wood and pavers remain popular, composite wood decking offers a compelling alternative, especially for the Philippine climate.

    Why Composite Decking is Perfect for Your Patio

    Composite wood decking is made of 70% wood, with 23% uPVC, and 7% additives bonded together with a special adhesive. This process also makes composite wood a more environmentally friendly and sustainable option for those looking to reduce their carbon footprints;

    Commercial spaces and several private homes have opted to install or incorporate composite wood into their wall claddings, ceiling slats, and floor deckings.

    Less Maintenance

    Natural wood in outdoor spaces requires constant maintenance, including resealing, restaining, and refinishing the timber every few years. This constant upkeep can disrupt planned gatherings as you’ll need to partition your patio from the rest of your indoor or outdoor space.

    Paving stones also have their maintenance challenges. Weeds can grow between the gaps since these materials are installed at ground level. Additionally, some stones are prone to stains as they easily absorb liquids.

    Composite decking, on the other hand, requires significantly less maintenance than both natural wood and paving stones. This reduction in upkeep not only saves time and effort but also ensures your patio remains ready for use, making it ideal for those seeking a low-maintenance outdoor space.

    Moisture Resistance

    Moisture Resistance

    Living in a tropical country requires materials that can withstand torrential downpours and resist moisture, especially those used in outdoor spaces like the patio.

    Built-up moisture is the bane of natural wood as mildew and rot will set into the crevices of the material. On the other hand, composite wood like those in GRM Biowood’s deckings, can ensure heavy rainfall and the signature humid environment of the Philippines easily.

    The combination of wood and plastic also means that moisture cannot easily penetrate its interiors, deterring mold, rot, and even termites from making your patio floor their home.

    UV Resistance

    Building a patio requires considering all aspects of the weather. Rain protection is vital, but don’t forget the sun’s harsh UV rays. Traditional wood decks suffer from fading, cracking, and warping under constant sun exposure, leading to a less appealing and structurally compromised space.

    This is where composite decking excels. Unlike wood, composite materials boast exceptional UV resistance. This ensures your deck retains its rich color and structural integrity for years to come, even under direct sunlight.

    Products like GRM Biowood’s wood plastic composites are specifically designed to combat the elements. The advantages of composite decking go beyond UV resistance. These innovative materials are also fire-retardant and heat-resistant, surpassing traditional materials like timber and paving stones. This translates to a safer, more durable patio with minimal maintenance needs.

    Visually Pleasing

    Filipinos’ love for wood extends to their outdoor spaces. The introduction of composite wood has made it a popular choice, replicating the natural beauty of wood while offering superior durability.

    Beyond decking, composite materials are now ingrained in Filipino architecture, gracing everything from ceiling panels to wall claddings. This versatility extends to patios, where composite furniture provides a seamless aesthetic complement, lasting for years to come.

    Increased Property Value

    Increased Property Value

    Transforming your backyard into an inviting oasis is achievable with composite decking. It not only elevates the visual appeal and ambiance of your patio but also potentially increases your property value.

    Moreover, composite decking proves to be a cost-effective solution by reducing maintenance costs compared to traditional materials. By combining functionality with the potential to boost marketability, composite decking emerges as a smart investment for your outdoor living space.

    Key Takeaway

    Choosing composite wood for your patio is the perfect choice, as it not only enhances the appearance of your outdoor space but also offers long-term value. Composite decking ensures you get your money’s worth due to its durability and longevity, providing a beautiful, low-maintenance, and environmentally sustainable solution that will last for a long time.

    Enhance your patio and outdoor spaces by finding the perfect materials here at GRM Biowood, contact us or visit our website today!

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